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Vegan Fatty (n): one who lives to eat delicious food, but, for reasons related to health, morals or plain old hatred of meat, requires their tasty morsels to be free of all animal products

I am One Vegan Fatty. I like to think of myself as the non-vegan’s vegan. I spent more than 25 years of my life consuming animal products gleefully, but now that I have changed my life (for the better), I would still like to enjoy food as much, if not more than, I enjoyed it before.

For that reason, I created One Vegan Fatty. My mission is to scour through the thousands of vegan recipes on the web as well as vegan products that you may find in your local grocery stores, test them, and report back the BEST I can find. In general, the recipes/foods I choose will be simple to make (even for a novice), easy on the wallet, and made with ingredients that don’t require an Indiana Jones quest to find!

I hope that my blog helps you in your journey towards a tastier, albeit healthier, lifestyle!


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